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Starting up ANSYS

Starting up ANSYS

Large File Sizes

ANSYS can create rather large files when running and saving; be sure that your local drive has space for it.

Getting the Program Started

In the Mec E 3-3 lab, there are two ways that you can start up ANSYS:
  1. Windows NT application
  2. Unix X-Windows application

Windows NT Start Up

Starting up ANSYS in Windows NT is simple:
  • Start Menu
  • Programs
  • ANSYS 5.7
  • Run Interactive Now

Unix X-Windows Start Up

Starting the Unix version of ANSYS involves a few more steps:
  • in the task bar at the bottom of the screen, you should see something labeled X-Win32. If you don't see this minimized program, you can may want to reboot the computer, as it automatically starts this application when booting.
  • right click on this menu and selection Sessions and then select Mece.
  • you will now be prompted to login to GPU... do this.
  • once the Xwindows emulator has started, you will see an icon at the bottom of the screen that looks like a paper and pencil; don't select this icon, but rather, click on the up arrow above it and selectTerminal
  • a terminal command window will now start up
  • in that window, type xansys57
  • at the UNIX prompt and a small launcher menu will appear.
    ANSYS Launcher
  • select the Run Interactive Now menu item.


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