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Walter Haisler Aerospace Engineering Department Texas A&M University

Syllabus - Spring 2007
Lecture Notes
Introduction to FEM Theory and Analysis for Engineers (in .ppt format)
A04, Introduction to Finite Element Theory
A01, Sizing Procedures
A02, External Loads
A03, Material Properties
A05, Bending and Extension of Thin Plates (Theory & Analytical Solution)
A06, Plate Bending Finite Element
A07, Introduction to Composite Materials
A08, Effective Moduli of Continuous Fiber-Reinforced Lamina (transformation of stiffness from material 1-2
          to global x-y axes, effective stiffness for a laminate, force & moment resultants, stress & strain in lamina)
Laminated Composite Plate Analysis Code (.exe file), Laminate Code Input Instructionssample material file (.txt file), Foam_core_H45 (.txt file)Foam_core_HT90 (.txt file),   Examples of Numerical Results
A09, Laminate Plate Analysis
A10, Introduction to Column Buckling
A11, Introduction to Buckling by T. Pollock (pdf)
A12, Design for Buckling of Columns and Plates
A13, Materials Selection in Structural Design

FEMAP Tutorials
Tutorial 1 - Plane Stress Modeling of a Uniaxial Rod with Axial Point Load (for Femap v9 and NX Nastran) - pdf file
Tutorial 2 - Plane Stress Modeling of Beam Bending (for Femap v9 and NX Nastran) - pdf file
Tutorial 3 - Plane Stress Modeling of Beam Bending with Modeling of Support Structure Included (for Femap v9 and NX Nastran) - pdf file
Tutorial 4 - Plane Stress Modeling of a Plate with a Circular Hold (for Femap v9 and NX Nastran) - pdf file
Plane Stress Modeling of Uniaxial Rod and Cantilever Beam with Point Load (for Femap v8.2)
Plane Stress Modeling of Flat Plate with Hole and Distributed Edge Loads
Simple Wing Spar (pdf)
Simple Wing Box Beam (zip)
Simple Rectangular Wing Planform with symmetric airfoil (zip)
B707 Tapered, Swept Wing (zip)  

ABAQUS Tutorials

ABAQUS 6.6 Documentation (on aero web site)
Tutorial 1 - Analysis of an Aluminum Bracket in Plane Stress (pdf file)
Tutorial 2 - Flate Plate with Hole (Word file)
Tutorial 3 - Plate with Non-Circular Cutout (Word file)
Tutorial 4 - Plate Buckling (Word file)

Reference Material

Aircraft Structural Details (Photos) - opens a new browser window
Links to Structures, Design, FEM, MIL Handbooks, and geneneral Aerospace Engineering Topics

Project/Homework Assignments
Homework 1Homework 2Homework 3Homework 4
Getting Familiar with FEMAP (7 & 8) and CAEFEM , Getting Familiar with FEMAP 9.0 and NX Nastran
Femap 7.1 Example Mod files:  Ch3post.modCh4done.modCh7wing.mod    <- Right click on link and select "Save as"
FEMAP 7.1 instructions for Chapter 3 Plate with Hole problem (for Ch3post.mod file)Project 0.5 - Bracket with end moment applied
Project 1 - Cantilever Spar Beam
Project 2 - Cantilever Wing Box Beam
Major Project 3 - Definition and time table - Define your own Major Project
Alternate Major Project 3 - Urica Wing Structure Design by FEM, Urica I- delta cp plot for cruise condition (.bmp),
                                                         Urica I- delta cp data file for cruise condition (.dat)
Major Project 3 Report Requirements
Project 4 - Laminated Plate Design
Project 5  - Stiffened Plate Buckling Design

Some Very Useful Information for Students
Tips on maintaining confidence, taking tests, understanding different learning styles, and identifying and taking advantage of learning resources on campus.  Follow this link to Professor Richard Felder's page for several useful and/or interesting articles for students. Professor Felder is the Hoechst Celanese Professor of Chemical Engineering at North Carolina State University and has contributed over 100 publications to the fields of engineering education and chemical process engineering.


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