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Creating and Analyzing a Simple Model in Abaqus/CAE

Name:Creating and Analyzing a Simple Model in Abaqus/CAE
Author:Atul Gupta, SIMULIA
Analysis:Nonlinear Dynamic Structural
Duration:1 hr
Download:Tennis Racket Workshop
Description:In this workshop you will become familiar with the process of creating a model interactively by using Abaqus/CAE. We are interested in the dynamic response of the ball and racket when ball hits the racket with a velocity. The frame will be modeled as rigid to reduce the analysis cost for this simulation. This is a single event, so only a single analysis step is needed for the simulation. Consequently, this model will consist of two steps:
  • An initial step, in which you will apply a boundary condition that constrains all degrees of freedom of rigid racket frame and initial velocity to the ball.
  • A Dynamic, Explicit analysis step, in which a dynamic response will be calculated when ball hits the racket.


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